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A new world of Workout Entertainment

With the introduction of Zen Interactive, Hutchison Technologies have opened up a vast new world of workout entertainment which will ensure that the state-of-the-art exercise environment you create for your members and guests becomes the talk of the town.

Zen Interactive is a revolutionary new touchscreen system which gives older, conventional Fitness Equipment Consoles an immediate facelift. Users can input their training regime in the usual way and then – at the touch of a button – launch into an un-paralleled choice of entertainment and information options. Your members and guests cannot fail to be impressed when they start to put Zen Interactive through its paces… especially once they discover the full scale of options open to them via their interactive personal viewing screen:

Our revolutionary new technology, with its host of exciting features, will make your gym the place to exercise!

Virtual Training Destination

Once upon a time cycling or running in the gym meant missing out on the beautiful views on tap in the great outdoors. But not any more! Zen Interactive’s Virtual Training Destination function offers users a selection of workout views to choose from. So now your members can run, cycle or cross country ski in some of the world’s most stunning locations, with inspiring scenery that lifts the spirit – as well as providing a welcome distraction from the physical challenges of the gym.

Prefer to go surfing?

Multi-tasking knows no bounds thanks to Zen Interactive’s state-of-the-art information technology system. If your members are keen to get down to the gym, but know they have a couple of emails they should really send before the day is done, now you can offer them the perfect solution.

Zen Interactive provides full internet access and email facilities, allowing users to send and receive emails while they’re running or to surf the Internet while cycling. What’s more, quick links to sites of interest are provided for users’ convenience. Everything is easily accessible from the virtual on-screen keyboard.

In-facility entertainment systems at your fingertips

Thanks to Zen Interactive systems, everything is close at hand on your exercise machines. Via a network of web cams in and around your club, your members will have touchscreen access to video feeds that let them:

If they’re running short of time, patrons can even order a quick bite or drink from the Juice Bar function, so that it’s waiting for collection by the time they’re showered and changed.

Advertising and promotional tool for clubs

Zen also provides clubs with an exciting and attention-grabbing medium for promoting events, posting bulletins and even taking and confirming bookings for classes direct from individual Zen users.

In the world of fitness entertainment, technology moves fast. With their revolutionary Zen Interactive system, Hutchison Technologies continue to lead the way in workout entertainment technology.

For further details of our state-of-the-art technology solutions for the health, fitness and hospitality sectors, contact us at or on 01382 835007.