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AktiV Station wireless entertainment systems: the feel-good factor

Even the most rigorous of workouts generally feels less arduous when accompanied by an inspiring piece of music or an amusing or thought-provoking TV programme. This explains the huge demand from the health, fitness and hospitality industries for Hutchison Technologies’ cardio theatre system AktiV Station, a premium in-facility entertainment system for both ambient and personal viewing.

Spoilt for choice

With each wireless entertainment system offering up to 12 high quality audio channels, several of which can be tuned into a bank of wall-mounted plasma screens, your clients will certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a TV programme or soundtrack to enjoy during their training session. Using an intuitive receiver, they’ll be able to hop at the flick of a switch between:

High-spec headphones enable gym users to personalise their in-gym experience whilst still remaining part of a highly motivational group situation. Indeed a top class cardio theatre system can fundamentally change the way people approach exercise, making them feel more positive and energetic, even at the end of a long working day. This in turn can actively boost athletic performance, thereby enhancing your clients’ overall sense of achievement.

Technical features of AktiV Station

Hutchison Technologies’ total commitment to quality and the support of our professional in-house testing and maintenance facilities mean you can depend on our personal viewing and listening systems to perform reliably and consistently, despite the often harsh and unforgiving conditions of the gym setting.

AktiV Station has been developed specifically to meet the challenges of the health, fitness and leisure industry, and to this end features include:

For more information about how AktiV Station can improve your in-facility wireless entertainment, email or ring 01382 835007 now.