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Enlightened venue lighting solutions

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” - Aaron Rose - American photographer

Hutchison Technologies supply and install a full range of lighting effect products and solutions to suit dance studios, aerobics & indoor cycling rooms, night clubs and stage venues. Our team of specialist lighting engineers has extensive experience of designing customised venue lighting solutions for our many clients in the health, fitness, leisure and hospitality industries.

Creating the wow factor − taking your club to the next level

Professional venue lighting is an essential aspect to consider when designing the “look” of your studio, treatment room, disco floor or event. Clever lighting techniques can:

Our flexible lighting systems are easily operated, affording you complete control over colours, intensity and effects. This allows you to transform different rooms and areas of your premises quickly and subtlely, changing the lighting to create an atmosphere that is inspiring, calming, exciting or cosy, as the situation dictates. Interior lighting can be adjusted to reflect or contrast with weather conditions outside. For example, when it is hot and sticky outside, you can keep your venue cool with shades of aqua and blue, and when it’s cold and dismal outside, you can cheer everyone up by creating amber, yellow and red tones inside. Small, subliminal changes to lighting can impact on your members and clients, without them even being aware of why they suddenly feel more upbeat and positive about life.

And to complete the whole effect…we can also tie your new lighting installation into one of our music systems, so that the lights continuously complement the mood and beat of the music.

Lighter on your pocket too

Our venue lighting products are carefully selected to offer maximum effect and reliability combined with a low total cost of ownership. Recent developments in lighting technology have reduced the price of systems which were previously cost-prohibitive, making them now far more affordable and accessible. Out went the cold cathode and in came user-friendly, more competitively priced LED lighting solutions which are far easier to install and maintain. So before you dismiss venue lighting as an “unnecessary expense”, why not speak to one of our technical advisers and ask about the costs. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

For more information about our enlightened venue lighting solutions, email or ring 01382 835007 now.