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Venue audio – EMS and public address systems

BosePro Partner

The ethos behind Hutchison Technologies Entertainment Management System is to centralise all entertainment in a secure rack, whilst enabling discreet local control of audio, public address and background music where and when it is required.

Our versatile, state-of-the-art audio control solutions have many attractive and practical features, including:

The rack which houses our EMS equipment includes a switching matrix which can manage up to 24 zones at any one time, with local controls allowing individual volume levels to be adjusted to the appropriate level for each zone. This makes our entertainment management system ideal for facilities with a number of different treatment or exercise rooms e.g. Spa Area, Club Room or Fitness Gym.

Hutchison Technologies EMS – flexible and affordable

Our EMS technology is in a class of its own, boasting superb features which have never before been brought together in one product. What’s more, no other system with a similar spec is available at a comparable cost.

The system offers optimum flexibility, making it the natural choice of entertainment management solution for venues both large and small. For example, reception staff can target specific audio zones for broadcasting public or paging announcements. This can vary from a single zone, to a number of zones or even to an “all call” which will be relayed throughout the whole club.

One significant feature of Hutchison Technologies’ EMS is that it can be connected to any Fire Alarm system and will mute the audio in an emergency situation. It can also be programmed to play evacuation messages when triggered by the fire alarm system. Alternatively, a Fire Officer’s microphone, located in a special “Break Glass” enclosure can be connected to the system for the announcement of evacuation instructions.

EMS for total in-facility entertainment sound management

Only EMS can provide:

More information about how Hutchison Technologies’ EMS solutions can make entertainment management of your venue easier is available from on 01382 835007.