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Contact details for our China Office

Hutchison Technologies Ltd.
Room 1807,
Nan cheng district,
Dong Guan City,
Guang Dong Province,

广东省 东莞市 南城区 鸿福西路龙翔国际商会大厦1807室

TEL: +86 (0) 769 23020875
TEL: +86 (0) 769 23020876
FAX: +86 (0) 769 23020877

High quality audio-visual systems and solutions

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” John Ruskin − English writer and critic of art, architecture and society

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of audio-visual, telecom and datacom systems, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality technical solutions, tailor-made to meet the most stringent of performance standards. We understand that our clients have high expectations in respect of quality and that their clients, in turn, have equally high expectations.

Put in the simplest terms, this means that every product and system we supply has to offer the ultimate in sound and/or visual quality 24/7. This might be considered an almost insurmountable challenge by some; however, it is a prospect that holds no fears for Hutchison Technologies, since our entire team’s commitment to quality has always been −and continues to be − uncompromising and unrelenting.

Research & Development − bespoke service

"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it." - Sir Henry Royce

Hutchison Technologies are extremely fortunate to have state-of-the-art Research & Development facilities at our headquarters in Dundee, Scotland. This valuable resource allows us to offer our clients a bespoke service, in addition to our much-acclaimed standard product portfolio. Our Research & Development work plays a vital role in ensuring that our clients have access to exciting, state-of-the-art technology which have the potential to make their facilities the envy of the health, fitness and hospitality industries.

Each of our bespoke systems is specifically designed to meet the exacting standards of audio-visual users such as:

The intensely physical nature of the environment in which our equipment operates means that it has to fulfil the dual remit of being sophisticated yet robust. Inevitably, our systems are regularly exposed to knocks, thumps, vibration and movement. Yet thanks to Hutchison Technologies’ exemplary product design process, all our products and systems are built for the long haul and have an exemplary performance record − just one of the reasons behind our impeccable customer satisfaction levels. By creating a reliable, top quality audio-visual experience for your clients, you will not only improve retention levels: you will also attract new members to your facility.

From the UK to China: concept to reality

Clients often approach Hutchison Technologies with exciting ideas for audio-visual or telecom technology which they have searched high and low for, but have been unable to find. Our research and development team can advise you whether your ideal specifications are achievable. They can also make suggestions and produce designs and prototypes which they will then refine until your criteria are met.

Once approved, the finished design is then passed on to our highly skilled manufacturing team in China, so that it can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively under the management of our China Office. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored by our own:

Thanks to the close relationship between Hutchison Technologies’ design and manufacturing teams in the UK and China, we can take the most basic of concepts and develop it to create a system which not only does everything that you need it to, but also stays within your pre-determined budget.

Cost-effective investment in the latest technology

When you invest in one of Hutchison Technologies’ wide range of professional products or services, you can have complete confidence that it will be:

Having the right technical systems in place is an essential pre-requisite for most leisure and fitness facilities. However, before investing in an audio-visual, telecom or datacom solution, any gym or leisure facility manager or owner naturally wants to be certain that their investment is cost-effective and that the equipment they are buying is fit for the job they need it to do.

Our dedicated research and development facilities, our wealth of audio-visual expertise and many years of experience of supplying tailor-made solutions make Hutchison Technologies your perfect partner for any audio-visual project. Thanks to our superb sound engineering and inspirational lighting effects, we can help you create the ultimate gym experience, conference or event.

For more information about Hutchison Technologies, contact or dial 01382 835007.