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Portable audio systems that are built to last

In a gym, dance studio, poolside or other leisure environment, your portable audio equipment has to work hard, so uncompromised quality and absolute reliability are the order of the day. Fortunately, every item of equipment manufactured or supplied by Hutchison Technologies has quality and reliability built in, and our portable audio equipment is no exception to the rule.

For example, take the Easyport Fohhn FP1, our battery-operated portable sound system. As its name suggests, it is eminently portable and extremely easy to use − absolutely no technical knowledge necessary. What’s more, because it runs on re-chargeable batteries and can reproduce high quality natural sound quickly and reliably at any venue or site, it’s absolutely perfect for poolside or outdoor use. In fact you can use the versatile FP1 in almost any situation, including:

High-tech spec

Manufactured and assembled in Germany, the FP1 is the most reliable system in its class, offering fantastic value and true longevity. Each fully integrated lightweight system includes many winning features, such as:

Compact and streamline, the FP1 comes fully tuned with a 2-year manufacturers’ warranty as standard. Its crisp sound, automatic speech filter and feedback minimisation capability will quickly endear it to your instructors and other staff. An integral controller guarantees maximum operating reliability at all volume levels, and the high quality unit boasts an impressively long operating time of up to 20 hours.

To find out how your instructors and managers could benefit from our outstanding portable audio systems, get in touch with us by emailing or ringing 01382 835007.