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Interactive entertainment for the health, fitness and hospitality industries

Personal Viewer

In recent years, innovative Fitness Entertainment Systems have played a huge role in attracting people to gyms up and down the country. Their amazing success can no doubt be attributed to the fact that they provide a welcome distraction from the physical exertions of cardiovascular workouts.

However, as the demand for gyms and studios to provide in-facility entertainment has grown, inevitably so have client expectations regarding the degree of sophistication of the equipment involved. Fortunately, with LCD gaining mainstream popularity, the cost of investing in personal viewing screens has dropped to a level where these screens now present a cost-effective viewing solution for many leisure facilities.

Hutchison Technologies’ Visual AktiV Station is the affordable way to provide your members with a personalised entertainment experience while they work out. Visual AktiV Station screens can be mounted directly onto treadmills, cross-trainers, step machines or any other suitable cardio-vascular fitness equipment. Your members will have access to a host of TV and or audio channels, giving them personalised control of the volume level and channel selection, all at the touch of a button.

Personal viewing screens − technical details

Hutchison Technologies’ personal viewing screens offer outstanding quality and value for money. Features of our class leading 15” liquid crystal high definition screens include:

It’s amazing how much technology we can pack into one of our compact personal viewing screens!

Top quality visual entertainment

Gym-users appreciate the autonomy that personal viewing screens offer, allowing them to choose whether they:

Having the option of watching their chosen programme on a personal screen while they work through even the most arduous of exercise programmes enhances your customers’ whole exercise experience immeasurably.

To keep your members and guests happy while they exercise, ask for details about our cost-effective personal viewing screens by emailing or calling 01382 835007.