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Aerobic & indoor cycle sound systems you can rely on

Reliability is one of the key requirements for any sound system. After all, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated or state-of-the-art your sound system is if it isn’t working when you need it…

In an aerobic or indoor cycling studio, outstanding stereo sound is integral to the success of the class and is also a significant factor in client satisfaction. Accurate volume control, absence of interruptions and the ultimate in audio performance all combine to create the optimum ambiance for your aerobic or indoor cycling classes.

Through professional sound engineering you can influence the mood of your customers considerably, motivating or relaxing them with dynamic or soothing sounds as appropriate for the activity in any given area of your facility.

Rigorous testing for optimum product performance and safety

Each member of the Hutchison Technologies team is programmed for excellence. Our workshop and manufacturing engineers are highly trained specialists in their field and are certified to carry out full in-house testing on every product built in our workshops prior to the despatch and on site installation by our qualified field operatives.

All our aerobics & indoor cycling stereo systems have an integrated Fire Alarm Interface which automatically cuts the music in the event of the fire alarm being activated. Moreover, optional active sound limiting devices can be supplied which constantly monitor the noise level and adjust the audio level to stay within preset parameters, thereby limiting noise pollution in open spaces.

Working with the best

In addition to the purpose-built Aeropower systems which we design and manufacture in-house, we also source a range of standard products from carefully vetted suppliers. Each product is hand-selected by Hutchison Technologies for its ease of use, functionality and reliability. To maintain the exceptional standards which characterise all our business activities, we only work with recognised premium equipment manufacturers whose products we have thoroughly researched and tested, and whom we trust to meet our own high standards of quality.

Flexible sound solutions

Health and fitness facilities come in all shapes and sizes (just like the people who use them!), so sound system design requirements for aerobic or indoor cycling studios vary considerably. In recognition of this diverse range of potential technical specifications, Hutchison Technologies produce both standard and purpose-built Aeropower systems which:

Moreover, in aerobic & indoor cycle facilities where equipment needs to be moved regularly from studio to studio, our robust mobile flight case provides perfect protection. This gives staff complete peace of mind that they can move a system safely between classes without the sound being impaired as a result.

To find out about our state-of-the-art aerobic & indoor cycling systems, email or ring 01382 835007 now.